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July 02, 2013

Certified Professional in Investor Relations (CPIR)

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OSC's Upcoming Priorities Include Shareholder Democracy and Access to Capital

The Ontario Securities Commission yesterday released its statement of priorities for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014. The statement follows the OSC's publication of a draft in April, and takes into account stakeholder comments received in response to the draft.

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OSC NOTICE 11-768 Notice of Statement of Priorities for Financial Year to End March 31, 2014

The Securities Act requires the Commission to deliver to the Minister by June 30th of each year a statement of the Commission setting out its priorities for its current financial year in connection with the administration of the Act, the regulations and rules, together with a summary of the reasons for the adoption of the priorities.

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Governance Gavel Awards - Call for Nominees

CCGG will be presenting the annual Governance Gavel Awards this August. This will mark the ninth year of recognizing excellence in corporate governance and disclosure thereof.

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OSC Finds "Unacceptable" Level of Compliance with Mining Disclosure

The Ontario Securities Commission today published a report setting out Staff's findings in respect of a recent compliance review of technical reports filed by mining issuers. The notice provides a summary of the review's results and guidance on complying with disclosure requirements.

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Changes to Impact U.S. and Canadian Public Companies Using COSO Internal Control Framework

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 requires companies that are subject to U.S. reporting requirements to establish and maintain a system of internal control over financial reporting and periodically assess the effectiveness of that system. National Instrument 52-109 of the Canadian securities administrators imposes similar requirements on companies that are reporting issuers in Canada.

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A Checklist of Best Practices for Companies' Social Media Communication

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently confirmed that companies may use social media to announce material information without violating Regulation FD as long as they comply with certain rules. If your company is considering using social media as a regular means of disseminating information covered by this regulation, it is important to construct and implement a social media policy to protect the company from claims of selective disclosure.

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OSC Granted Approval for Agreements Governing SEDAR and Other National Systems

The OSC announced today that it has received Ministerial approval for certain agreements among it, the BCSC, ASC and AMF with respect to the outsourcing and management of, and ownership and licensing of intellectual property comprising, certain nationally shared information technology systems, including SEDAR, SEDI and the NRD.

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Quant Trading Comes to Main Street

Automated trading has always been the preserve of the Wall Street elite. Banks and hedge funds used supercomputers armed with powerful algorithms programmed by PhD brainiacs to trade hundreds of stocks and currencies, making boatloads of money in a matter of seconds. Now, the same technology is coming to Main Street.

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Mini Flash Crashes Caused by Sloppiness, Not A Broken Market -SEC

Unexplained rapid price drops in single stocks have generally been triggered by human error, not nefarious trading activity or high-speed trading algorithms gone wild, an official at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said on Tuesday.

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