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July 09, 2013

The Canadian Investor Relations Institute (CIRI) today submitted its recommendations to the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) to adopt changes in the thresholds for reporting share ownership, which would improve the transparency and efficiency of the Canadian capital market.

CIRI members are encouraged to submit a Letter of Support to the CSA on behalf of their companies. For convenience, a template letter has been provided via email from Yvette Lokker.

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Canadian Securities Regulators Release Three-Year Business Plan

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) today released its Three-Year Business Plan for the period April 1, 2013 through to March 31, 2016.

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Thomson Reuters Suspends Early Data Release Amid Securities Probe

The latest sign regulators are intent on closing even the smallest gaps in the dissemination of potentially market-moving information came Monday. Financial information giant Thomson Reuters, in the midst of a probe by New York's Attorney General, agreed to stop providing a select group of high-frequency traders with consumer survey results prior to the release to other subscribers.

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Hedge Funds Lose 2-Second Edge on Econ Report

Financial information giant Thomson Reuters Monday agreed to end its practice of giving high-frequency traders an early look at potentially market-moving consumer survey results that could mean millions of dollars in profits.

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Canadian Securities Regulators Establish Regulatory Framework to Manage Risks Associated with Direct Electronic Access

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) today announced that it has issued amendments to National Instrument 23-103 Electronic Trading (NI 23-103), which will establish a consistent framework for the offer and use of direct electronic access (DEA) and address the financial and regulatory risks associated with DEA. NI 23-103 requires appropriate controls to ensure the integrity of dealers that offer DEA and the market as a whole.

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OSC Priorities Include Improving Shareholder Democracy

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) recently released OSC Notice 11-768  -   Notice of Statement of Priorities for Financial Year to End March 31, 2014 (Priorities Notice). The Priorities Notice, among other things, stated that the OSC recognized the importance of shareholder democracy and acknowledged that the OSC will be working to address the recently announced initiative of the Ontario government aimed at increasing the representation of women on boards of directors.

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In Shareholder Say-on-Pay Votes, More Whispers Than Shouts

The Dodd-Frank financial overhaul law gave shareholders the ability to vote on the pay packages of top executives, and it turns out that they fall over themselves to approve.

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Exchanges Agree to Add Smaller Trades to U.S. Stock Volume Count

Stock trades of fewer than 100 shares that have traditionally been excluded from U.S. share volume tallies are poised to be added to the count.

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Analyst Coverage a Moving Target

Cuts to equity research at the big banks are pushing certain deals - and company coverage - to mid-tier and boutique outfits. And it could mean a few new stops on your next road show.

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Unfiltered, Unscripted, Invaluable

As shareholders become more assertive, directors need to be proactively engaged and start listening. The knowledge gained will support informed decisions on pay and executive performance - and prevent a nasty AGM surprise.

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