IR Leader
March 18, 2014

Two New Resources Available Free to CIRI Members

CIRI Members can download your complimentary copy of the publications listed below:

A Starter's Guide to Sustainability Reporting

Chartered Professional Accountants Canada, March 2014

With growing expectations from investors, customers, suppliers, employees and communities, companies are recognizing the importance of transparency with their sustainability performance and ability to operate in a sustainable manner. The guide is a strong beginning point for new or early-stage sustainability reporters and is useful for small and medium-sized public companies, as well as large corporations. The focus of this guide is to provide a roadmap on how organizations can begin sustainability reporting, the reporting choices available and the process and resources involved. Additional tools include step-by-step advice and practical examples to help in the process.

A Primer for Environmental & Social Disclosure

Chartered Professional Accountants Canada and TMX Group, March 2014

Knowledge about reporting on environmental and social matters that are impacted by business varies widely among issuers. This joint publication with the TMX Group helps bridge the gap by providing a high level overview of relevant issues. The primer discusses the business drivers for increased interest in this area and how capital providers and issuers are advancing the agenda. As well, the primer covers mandatory disclosure requirements, voluntary reporting including tips on award-winning sustainability reports, industry-specific key performance indicators and initiatives for issuers to watch.

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