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July 29, 2014
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Debate Continues Regarding Proposed Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System

On July 9, 2014, on what Finance Minister Joe Oliver called "a landmark day" for reforming Canada’s capital markets regulatory regime, the federal government announced that Saskatchewan and New Brunswick had agreed to join Canada, British Columbia and Ontario in the Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System (CCMR). The announcement follows on the September 19, 2013 agreement-in-principle between the governments of Canada, British Columbia and Ontario to jointly establish a single operationally independent cooperative regulator to administer provincial and federal capital markets legislation.

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Is CEO Pay Ratio Disclosure Coming To Canada?

Last year, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved a proposal that would require U.S. public companies to disclose the ratio of CEO annual compensation to median employee annual compensation. Similarly, the European Commission is proposing the adoption of rules requiring certain publicly traded companies to report CEO pay ratios.

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Technology Plays a Role In Board Members' Top Two Concerns

In a business environment where a damaging Twitter post can have disastrous effects on a company's financials, reputational risk remains the top non-financial concern for corporate directors, according to a new survey report.

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Investors to Directors, "Can We Talk?"

What if lawmakers never spoke to their constituents? Oddly enough, that's exactly how corporate America operates. Shareholders vote for directors, but the directors rarely, if ever, communicate with them.

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Dark Pool Disfavor Above 50% in Poll Amid High-Frequency Fallout

Dark pools and high-frequency traders, two elements of the electronic U.S. stock market whose rise has been decried in books and Congress, are finding little support among financial professionals.

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Fewer Fireworks For This Year's Proxy Season

The conference rooms are cleared out. The activists have gone home. And this year's proxy season - the heyday period for corporate annual meetings - has largely come to a close.

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The New Regulator: Has New Brunswick Finally Buried the 1867 Hatchet?

New Brunswick’s decision to join the federal government's proposed national securities watchdog might surprise those who remember the legal battle over Ottawa's last attempt to create a single regulator.

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Second Time's The Charm?

CSA Proposes Amendments to Disclosure and Governance Obligations for Venture Issuers.

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