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September 30, 2014
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Why Aren't Canadian Corporate Boards Getting Any Less Male, or White?

Diversity among the directors of corporations has a range of benefits, from a documented correlation with better financial outcomes to the harder-to-measure positive effects of a range of role models and mentors at the top of an organization. Yet Canada's boards are not only falling short of representing women and minorities in proportion to the population, they are also well behind most European countries and the U.S. when it comes to board composition. Amid widespread agreement that this is a problem, there is much debate about the solution.

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HFT Making Markets Unfair?

Some see high frequency trading as a net positive for markets.

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New Harmonized Bid Amendments Proposal to be Published for Comment

On September 11, 2014, the Canadian Securities Administrators (the "CSA") announced in CSA Notice 62-306 – Update on Proposed National Instrument 62-105 Security Holder Rights Plans and AMF Consultation Paper An Alternative Approach to Securities Regulators' Intervention in Defensive Tactics (the "Notice") that the CSA, subject to the receipt of necessary approvals, intends to publish for comment a harmonized regulatory proposal with respect to take-over bids, issuer bids and defensive tactics in response to or in anticipation of unsolicited or hostile take-over bids.

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Trends and Predictions in Canadian Proxy Contests

Kingsdale Shareholder Services has released its 2014 Proxy Season Review. In its report, Kingsdale discusses trends observed in 2014, predictions for the future, and gives its key recommendations for companies in the Canadian marketplace.

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Out Of Control

More of the world's big stockmarkets are allowing firms like Alibaba to sideline their shareholders.

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Execs Still Make Big Decisions With Their Gut: Study

Though the world is increasingly data-driven, most top executives, rightly or wrongly, still rely on instinct when making important decisions.

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Dark Pools Confront More Transparent Future Amid Threats

Whether they like it or not, banks are opening up their dark pools, the private venues that host 17 percent of trading in the $24 trillion U.S. stock market.

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Is Everybody Out There?

What's the biggest way social media and online culture is changing how companies communicate? Exclusivity is history.Whatever message you're delivering, know that every shareholder, stakeholder and critic is within earshot.

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