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March 10, 2015

Power Lunch: Skating to Success

Retired speed skater, Kristina Groves, a three-time Olympian and four-time Olympic medalist, was a Canadian powerhouse in the world of women's speed skating. Get ready to be inspired as Kristina shares with us her inspiration, how she has overcome challenges and how she accomplished her goals.

Speaker: Kristina Groves, Four-Time Olympic Speed Skating Medalist and Olympic Broadcast Analyst  
Join us in Banff to engage with industry leaders and find out how your colleagues are navigating the challenges that 2015 has brought thus far. Register today to be a part of the largest gathering of IROs in Canada! Learn more at
Conference Sessions Include:
  • CSR and IR Convergence
  • Writing Workshop - Part I & II
  • Priorities for Canada's Capital Markets
  • How Equity Strategies and Asset Allocation Impacts the Buy Side
  • Enhancing and Unlocking Value of IR Websites
  • Hosting a Successful Investor Day
  • A Multi-Perspective Discussion on the Global Economy
  • In Conversation with the Street
  • Taking Charge of Your Marketing Program
  • View from the C-Suite
  • Alberta's Resources, Canada's Outlook
  • And more session topics and speakers to be announced soon!
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Top Stories

Corporate Borrowing Now Flows To Shareholders, Not Productive Investment: Study

Why do companies take on debt? The conventional answer is that they need to invest: to hire more workers, upgrade facilities or invent new widgets. But fresh research shows that in the past three decades corporations increasingly borrow simply to reward shareholders.

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Update to Annual Financial Statements Requirement for Consistency with IFRS Reporting

On February 25, 2015, regulations amending the annual statement requirements for federally regulated financial institutions (FRFIs) were published in the Canada Gazette. The amendment requires FRFIs (except for authorized foreign banks) to prepare a statement of comprehensive income as part of their annual financial statement, in addition to the other required statements.

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Feedback Sought for the OSC's Proposed Whistleblower Program

On February 3, 2015 the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) published Staff Consultation Paper 15-401 Proposed Framework for an OSC Whistleblower Program (Paper). The Paper outlines the OSC's proposal for an award-based whistleblower program (Program). The OSC is welcoming written comments on the Program until May 4, 2015.

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Capital Alternatives for Mining

The industry slump that was remains the slump that is. Traditional funders are sidelined and the public markets stone cold. Yet if mining companies are willing to expand their options, there's still some alternative financing out there.

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Regulator's Proposal to Keep Trades in Canada Could Have Unintended Consequences, Critics Say

A proposal by Canadian securities regulators to curb the flow of trading volume to the U.S. is generating significant blowback from stakeholders who argue it could hurt Canadian investors and dealers and maybe even discourage companies from listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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The Big Reveal

Ottawa's new Transparency Measures Act doesn't just open the window on payments by miners and other resources companies to domestic and foreign governments, it puts them under lights.

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Make Long-term Value Your Guide

When executive operational performance and market returns are out of sync, what's a compensation committee to do? Check and recheck the pay-for-performance rationale and share it with shareholders.

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Investors Tell Hedge Funds They Want Lower Fees - Survey

Institutional investors are sending a strong message to hedge funds after last year's largely lackluster returns: charge us less and perform better.

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Canadian Securities Regulators Adopt Changes To The Private Placement Regime And Certain Other Specific Changes Adopted By Ontario

On February 19, 2015, the Canadian Securities Administrators ("CSA”) announced the adoption of certain amendments to National Instrument 45-106 - Prospectus and Registration Exempt ("NI 45-106") that affect private placement or prospectus exemptions.

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Firms With Highest CEO Pay Ratios Underperform With More Risk

A new study found that increasing CEO pay improves performance and reduces risk, but only up to a certain point, and then it actually becomes harmful.

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