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March 31, 2015

Join Us to Discuss IR’s Role During the Burger King/Tim Hortons and TransAlta/Canadian Hydro Transactions

Wednesday, April 1 (12 - 2 p.m. MT)
Centennial Place, 250 - 5 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta

Click here to register to attend the live event in Calgary or via webcast.

Wondering how to communicate with investors and analysts in the event of an M&A? Curious about how leading IROs prepare for these high-stake transactions? Join this roundtable as we discuss the role of IR in M&As, the challenges and reactions to communicating a transaction to investors and analysts, messaging on value and synergies and implementation of the IR strategy.

Speakers include:
  • Scott Bonikowsky, President & Managing Partner, ReputationCorp (formerly SVP, Corporate, Government and Public Affairs, Tim Hortons and VP, Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations, Canadian Tire Corporation)
  • Jess Nieukerk, Director, Finance & Communications, AltaGas Ltd.
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Canadian Government Announces Changes to Foreign Investment Review Regime

On March 25, 2015, the Canadian government announced that it would implement long-awaited changes to Canada's foreign investment review regime under the Investment Canada Act (ICA).

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OSC Scores Important Victory in Finkelstein Insider Trading and Tipping Decision

In a much anticipated decision released yesterday that carries implications for lawyers and other professional "gatekeepers," a panel of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) found former Toronto lawyer Mitchell Finkelstein and four investment advisors to have engaged in insider tipping and trading in contravention of the Ontario Securities Act. The ruling in this high-profile case is significant given regulators' well-publicized failures in recent years to prove insider trading and tipping allegations.

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Ways to Put the Boss's Skin in the Game

Whenever a big corporation settles an enforcement matter with prosecutors, penalties levied in the case - and they can be enormous - are usually paid by the company's shareholders. Yet the people who actually did the deeds or oversaw the operations rarely so much as open their wallets.

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Know What You're Buying: Do Your Due Diligence

Identifying potential targets can be an exciting, yet overwhelming, process for corporate executives and boards of directors. Whether motivated by financial growth, economies of scale, global expansion, or product diversification, a knowledgeable, informed, and wise acquisition requires a committed due diligence effort.

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