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June 30, 2015

Invest in Your Career! Be CIRI Certified.

Recognizing the need for formal education in the field of investor relations, CIRI and the Ivey Business School (Ivey) have developed a program that covers all relevant areas of this multidisciplinary role including capital markets, corporate governance, securities law, finance and communications.

This program is intended for experienced investor relations professionals, individuals working closely with investor relations professionals, and individuals who have corporate experience in a related field and are interested in gaining a solid understanding of the investor relations role.

For more information about Certification, contact Salisha Hosein or visit the Certification section on

2015 CIRI/Ivey Finance and Accounting Tutorial

Sunday, September 27, 2015
Toronto, ON

The objective of this tutorial is to provide a crash course on transactional analysis and the accounting cycle, including the preparation of the balance sheet and an income statement. Many of the fundamental accounting concepts, including money measurement, entity concept, going-concern concept, matching concept, etc., will be discussed as well as the difference between accrual accounting and cash flow. In addition, time value of money will be discussed in order to understand the basics of valuation.

For more information on the Finance and Accounting Tutorial, click here.