IR Leader
September 29, 2015

Take Advantage of CIRI’s Refer a Friend Program and Save on Your Membership Renewal!

Know any IROs or industry suppliers who could benefit from a CIRI membership? Refer a new member and you receive a $100 credit towards your annual membership renewal, Annual Conference registration or Essentials of IR registration.

Why Should You Refer New Members?
  • To enhance and strengthen your community of peers for collaboration and networking.
  • To ensure CIRI’s continued growth and support of Canada’s IR profession.
  • To save on your membership renewal.
How Does the CIRI Refer a Friend Program Work?
Simply refer a friend or acquaintance who works in or supplies the IR profession to become a member by completing our online membership application.

How Will CIRI Know Who Referred the Member?
The membership application form has a “Referral” section. Prospective members must complete this, citing you as the referral, for you to receive your $100 credit.

Click here for more details.

Spread the word, save and share the benefits of CIRI membership with your friends!