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November 17, 2015
CIRI’s recently published Investor Relations Compensation and Responsibilities Survey is an important tool for all who practice, or employ those who practice, investor relations.

This representative sample is a cross-section of IROs from more than 60 issuers from different sectors, market caps, parts of the country, years of IR experience and educational background. It provides authoritative benchmark data on IRO compensation and benefits, the evolution of the IRO role and responsibilities, as well as corporate IR budgets and staffing in Canada. 

The research objectives from this survey were to:
  • Provide members, non-members and industry professionals with budget information for benchmark analysis; and
  • Track key trends in the roles, responsibilities, resourcing and compensation of IR professionals in Canada.
Just a couple of the key findings include: 
  • The role of investor relations is increasingly being recognized for its strategic value as more IROs are counseling management as well as presenting to the Board; and
  • Despite the average IR department decreasing in size, average IR budgets have increased, which has led to greater outsourcing.
This survey is an invaluable resource to all investor relations professionals.

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Members: $199
Non-members: $299
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Each year, CIRI recognizes investor relations professionals who make a significant contribution to the practice of investor relations. These individuals are nominated by you - their peers.  During this season of strategy and budget planning, we ask you to think about your IR program and consider nominating those IROs whose programs or initiatives you admire.

Belle Mulligan Award for Leadership in IR
The Belle Mulligan Award for Leadership in Investor Relations is given in honour of the late Belle Mulligan to recognize individuals who have shown singular leadership in one or more aspects of the practice of IR. These could include new or improved applications of technology, progressive approaches to disclosure, outstanding mentorship, or remarkable leadership in any other aspects of IR.

Click here for more information and to access the Nomination Form.

CIRI Award for Excellence in Investor Relations
The Award for Excellence in Investor Relations is given by CIRI to honour individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the investor relations profession and to the Institute.

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Nominations can be submitted to Jane Maciel by April 22, 2016.
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