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November 24, 2015

Increase Your Visibility with Prospective Clients: Advertise with CIRI

Are you looking to increase awareness of your company, a product or a service with decision makers and influencers within the IR community? CIRI offers a number of cost-effective, targeted solutions to meet your advertising needs.

CIRI has designed a number of advertising bundles to meet your budget and your marketing needs.

The 'One-of-a-Kind' bundle includes:
  one IR leader ad (value: $575)
  one IR focus ad (value: $1,000)
  one wIRed banner ad (value: $500)
  Your cost, only $1,660

The 'Double Decker' bundle includes:
  two IR leader ads (value: $1.150)
  two weeks homepage ad (value: $500)
  two wIRed banner ads (value: $1,000)
  Your cost, only $2,120

The 'Triple Threat' bundle includes:
  three IR leader ads (value: $1,725)
  three weeks homepage ad (value: $750)
  three wIRed banner ads (value: $1,500)
  Your cost, only $3,180

The 'Six Pack' bundles include:
  six IR leader ads (value: $3,450)
  Your cost, only $2,760

  six weeks homepage ad (value: $1,500)
  Your cost, only $1,200

  six wIRed banner ads (value: $3,000)
  Your cost, only $2,400

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