IR Leader
December 01, 2015

A 'Must Have' IR Resource

Average IR budgets are up 5% from 2012
IROs who present to their Board has risen 7% since 2012
According to CIRI’s recently published Investor Relations Compensation and Responsibilities Survey, almost two-thirds of respondents are engaged with the Board, while 82% have provided strategic counsel to management over the past year. With this expanded responsibility comes enhanced compensation, with over one-third of respondents earning at least $225,000 in total cash compensation, including 19% who earned $300,000 or more. The average total cash compensation for IROs is $188,500.

This representative sample is a cross-section of IROs from more than 60 issuers from different sectors, market caps, parts of the country, years of IR experience and educational background. It provides authoritative benchmark data on IRO compensation and benefits, the evolution of the IRO role and responsibilities, as well as corporate IR budgets and staffing in Canada.  

Find out:  
  • why investor relations is a valued corporate function;
  • why IR compensation is on the rise;
  • how IROs increase strategic influence;
  • and much more.
This survey is an invaluable resource to all investor relations professionals.

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