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June 07, 2016

Today, CIRI announced the 2016 CIRI Fellows. They are:

  • Isabelle Adjahi, Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, WSP Global Inc.
  • Jo Mira Clodman, Partner, Clodman Hecht Communications Inc.
  • George Kesteven, Manager, Corporate and Investor Relations, Sterling Resources Inc.
  • Colleen Vancha, President and CEO, Creative Advantage Consulting

The CIRI Fellowship Program was launched in 2015 to recognize leaders in the investor relations profession who, by their achievements, bring distinction to the profession and serve as role models for others. CIRI Fellows have made significant contributions to the advancement of the investor relations profession and to CIRI throughout their careers. Earning the designation of F.CIRI, the CIRI Fellow is the highest honour for investor relations professionals in Canada.

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Your Vote Is Important. Submit Your Proxy Today!

CIRI's Annual General Meeting will be held at 8:00 a.m. (ET) on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City, QC.

Please note, the CIRI National By-laws allow all members the opportunity to vote.

All members are encouraged to attend the Meeting. Even if you are attending, we encourage all members to vote their proxy as soon as possible. All members are entitled to vote at the Meeting in person, or by proxy. You can return your proxy by:
      email to, or
      fax to (416) 364-2805
before 12:00 p.m. (ET) on Monday, June 13, 2016.

Annual General Meeting documents include:
  • Annual Meeting Notice
  • Information Circular
  • Proxy Form
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Chair's Report
  • 2015 Audited Financial Statements
These documents are available at (These are members only documents. You must be logged in using your CIRI username and password to access them.)

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CIRI Recognizes Four Distinguished Investor Relations Professionals

Today the Canadian Investor Relations Institute (CIRI), Canada's national association representing investor relations professionals, announced the 2016 CIRI Fellows.

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Equity Compensation Plans and Company Websites: TSX Rules

TSX is proposing new rules for listed companies on security-based compensation arrangements and website postings. Comments on the proposals are due by June 27, 2016.

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Timesaver's Guide to CIRI

A guide to CIRI's June 12-14 conference in Québec City

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Canadian Securities Regulators Announce Contractual Agreement to Renew CSA National Systems

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) today announced that it has entered into an agreement with CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc. (CGI) to renew the CSA National Systems.

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Holding Activists and Proxy Advisory Firms Accountable?

The nation's capital is center stage for the latest round of debates as to the impact of shareholder activism on American business. With the introduction of the Brokaw Act by four Democratic senators in March, followed by the announcement in May of a new D.C.-based lobbying organization formed by a bipartisan group of prominent activists, the long-running controversy over the unprecedented influence of shareholder activism has officially reached Washington.

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Canadian Venture Capital Investments Soar Despite U.S. Slowdown

Forget last year's doom and gloom prognosis regarding Canadian venture capital and deal activity. According to the Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA), Q1 2016 saw venture capital investments in Canada hit a record high of $838 million, nearly double Q1 2015, despite the slowdown south of the border in U.S. venture capital funding.

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You Gotta Own It

Why culture, not compliance, is the key to making diversity stick - and to helping companies realize its full potential.

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IOSCO Releases "Cyber Security in Securities Market" Report

The Board of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) released last month the report on its cyber risk coordination efforts. The goal of the report is to provide an overview of the regulatory issues and challenges faced by various segments of the securities markets, in particular reporting issuers, market intermediaries and asset managers, and of the various frameworks and practices adapted by members of the IOSCO as the threat of cyber-attacks continues to grow.

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Non-GAAP Measures - Expecting an SEC Crackdown

During the past few months, members of the SEC staff have been foreshadowing a renewed focus on enforcement of reporting of financial metrics and the use of "non-GAAP" financial measures by companies in the capital raising process, in quarterly earnings releases and on analyst calls. This renewed focus is leading to new policy statements on the regulatory front, and we expect it to lead to new enforcement actions, which could also impact risk in civil litigation.

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CFO Lament: So Many Demands, So Little Time

The challenges of the job are so great that it may not be reasonable to expect one person to do it all well, EY research suggests.

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CEO Pay Climbs Again, Even as Their Stock Prices Don't

CEOs at the biggest companies got a 4.5 percent pay raise last year. That's almost double the typical American worker's, and a lot more than investors earned from owning their stocks - a big fat zero.

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