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June 28, 2016
Great corporate reporting is tough to achieve in a complex world. Interested in a customized, expert report on how your current reporting ranks among the leaders? Or simply want to showcase your work and get the credit you deserve?
Enter CPA Canada’s Awards of Excellence in Corporate Reporting to find out how your reporting measures up to the best in Canada. All entrants receive confidential feedback to improve how they tell their corporate story.
Click here to explore the benefits of entering.

Entries close July 8, 2016. This competition is open to listed companies and Crown corporations.

Please visit the CPA Canada website for more information.

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The CIRI/Ivey Investor Relations Certification Program has established a new standard for the profession. This flexible Program equips IR professionals with lasting knowledge and skills enabling them to deliver strategic value to their organizations and enhance their future career advancement.

Thinking about enrolling? Now is the time. The deadline for applicants for the September 2016 program is July 15, 2016.

Still have a few questions? Refer to the CPIR FAQs or contact Yvette Lokker at or 416-364-8200.
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CIRI is pleased to inform you that a new job opportunity is available in British Columbia.

CIRI members can click here to view the posting. You must be logged in as this is a 'Members Only' benefit.

Are you looking to create or fill a position in your company or for a client? Here's an effective way to reach CIRI members who are looking for new challenges in investor relations.

Members may submit a job posting free of charge. Non-members may submit a job posting for $150+HST.

Click here to submit a job posting.
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CIRI recognizes that IR professionals are being inundated every day with emails. As a show of respect for your valuable time and attention, CIRI has decided to publish wIRed every other week during July and August. By doing so, we hope this will help to reduce email fatigue.

If you'd like to comment on this change, please contact Jane Maciel at
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Top Stories

The UK Makes its Brexit: What You Need to Know Now

In an outcome that has surprised many, Britain has voted to leave the EU. This will lead to a two-year period of negotiating the terms of exit with the EU and its member states.

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Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada to Act as Information Processor for Corporate Debt Securities

Today the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) published CSA Staff Notice 21-318 Information Processor for Corporate Debt Securities (CSA Staff Notice 21-318), which advises that the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) will act as an information processor for corporate debt securities, effective July 4, 2016.

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Learnings from CIRI 2016

Last week nearly 200 delegates from across Canada converged on Quebec City for CIRI's 29th Annual Investor Relations Conference. "That's quite a feat given current market conditions," says Yvette Lokker, president and CEO of CIRI.

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4 Tips to Evaluate Growth Companies

Revenue growth, especially average revenue growth over the previous three to five years, is a helpful metric for investors to consider when evaluating potential growth stocks. However, looking at revenues, even rapidly growing revenues, can be misleading for investors because revenues viewed in isolation fail to indicate a company's current profitability or future prospects for profit.

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The Cost of Compliance in Alberta is Going Up - ASC Adopts New Participation Fee for Reporting Issuers and Changes Other Fees

The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) is adopting ASC Rule 13-501 Fees (Fee Rule), which will become effective on December 1, 2016, subject to obtaining the necessary Ministerial approval. The Fee Rule covers the payment of all fees to the ASC and, once effective, will replace the previous ASC fee regulations.

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Investor Relations Research Findings on Shareholder PR

Activist shareholders, those with shares in a company who have ideological clashes with the company, are becoming more of a problem in the corporate domain. Clashes can be centered on human rights, environmental issues or corporate political spending disagreements. The activist shareholders can stop progress when they initiate negative PR or back proxy battles.

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There's Something Worrying Going On in Corporate America

Shareholder activism is an expensive venture.

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The Era of the Well-Rounded CFO

Four major disruptive changes in the past several years have coalesced to create an environment in which CFOs can excel as strategic thinkers.

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Companies Using Deals With Activists to Protect Directors

Corporations may be settling with activist shareholders and granting them board seats more quickly than in the past, in part because it helps entrench the company's directors.

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A Brief Introduction to Unanimous Shareholder Agreements

Every corporation is governed by corporate legislation (such as the Business Corporations Act (Alberta)), articles of incorporation and by-laws. These documents cover the basic rules and procedures by which a corporation is governed. However, there may be instances where shareholders will want to agree on matters beyond the scope of the legislation and constating documents of the corporation.

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