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August 09, 2016
Are you new to the investor relations profession? Are you looking to expand your investor relations skills while building your network? Then we have the resources you need, in one convenient and affordable bundle.

This bundle includes:
  • Registration to the Essentials of Investor Relations in Toronto (Value $1,050)
  • A CIRI National and Chapter Membership (Value $740)
  • Standards and Guidance for Disclosure plus Model Disclosure Policy (Value $500)
  • Guide to Developing an Investor Relations Program (Value $135)
Total Retail Value: $2,425. CIRI’s 2016 Membership/Essentials of IR Bundle: $1,490. That's a savings of $935!

For more detalis on the benefits and savings in this package, click here.
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Why Non-GAAP Earnings May Be Risky for Investors

Investors are focusing more than ever on earnings as a sign of Corporate America's financial health and the economy overall as the stock market shows signs of age.

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IROs Increasingly Target Investors Directly

Poll of 665 respondents shows rise in direct targeting.

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Bringing Investor Relations Into the Boardroom

As boards - not to mention regulators and other stakeholders - put greater emphasis on board diversity and shareholder engagement, the need for IR professionals at the table is growing.

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How Companies Are Making Earnings More Stressful for Investors

Fewer companies are putting their numbers out in a simple press release, irking reporters and investors.

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Ministers Announce New CMRA Timelines and Initial Board of Directors

On Friday, July 22, the Ministers responsible for capital markets regulation in British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Yukon, and the Minister of Finance of Canada announced that they are now aiming to get the required federal, provincial and territorial legislation passed by June 30, 2018 for implementing the Capital Markets Regulatory Authority ("CMRA"), with the CMRA expected to be operational in 2018. This new timeline represents a three year delay from the initial target implementation date contemplated by the 2014 Memorandum of Understanding.

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Takeaways From This Year's NIRI and CIRI Conferences

What European IROs can glean from their North American counterparts.

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Where the Charter Ends: Supreme Court Will Not Hear Appeal on International Cooperation by Securities Regulators

If there's one thing that most non-lawyers know about being questioned by the authorities, it's that "anything said can and will be used against you in court". And, if you're already in court, then you can "take the Fifth" and refuse to answer a question whose answer may incriminate you.

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8 Keys to Becoming the CEO’s Trusted Strategic Adviser

CEOs need a CFO who can help management confidently take new, calculated risks and strategize ways to grow the business.

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Big Funds Push Back Against Activist Investor Settlements

After years of support for companies that hand board seats to activists to avoid a bruising public fight, some of the world's largest institutional investors are pushing back.

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Take (an) Advantage: Add an IRO to the Board

Why smart boards are increasingly appointing directors with IR experience.

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