IR Leader
September 20, 2016

CIRI Issues Advocacy Update

On Friday, September 9, CIRI published an IR Issues Backgrounder: Investor Relations and Sustainability

Many investor relations professionals say that investors and analysts seldom ask questions about environmental, social or governance (ESG) issues, but mounting evidence indicates the landscape is changing. Investors increasingly factor in the ESG performance when making investment decisions, but the information is collected from public documents and third parties, rather than directly from issuers.

Investor relations officers have an opportunity to enhance perceptions of their companies by providing an integrated picture of their companies and explaining how ESG issues factor into strategy and performance. IROs who do not consider ESG issues in their regular communication with investors could be placing their companies at a disadvantage.

Click here to view the Issues Backgrounder: Investor Relations and Sustainability. (Note: you will need to be logged in to view this 'Members Only' publication).