IR Leader
August 01, 2017

The Value of CIRI Membership - Advocacy

CIRI members identify four top reasons they value their membership. One of the top reasons is staying abreast of regulatory changes through CIRI's advocacy initiatives.

On Friday, July 28, CIRI made a submission to the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) on Consultation Paper 51-404: Considerations for Reducing Regulatory Burden for Non-Investment Fund Reporting Issuers. This Paper addressed several areas of disclosure, including:

2.1 “Extending the application of streamlined rules to smaller reporting issuers”;

2.2. “Reducing the regulatory burdens associated with the prospectus rules and offering process”;

2.3 “Reducing disclosure requirements in annual and interim filings” and “Permitting semi-annual reporting”;

2.4. “Eliminating overlap in regulatory requirements”; and

2.5. “Enhancing electronic delivery of documents”.

Share Ownership Disclosure
We also took the opportunity to reiterate our views on enhancing share ownership disclosure. We believe that good governance practices can be developed through open dialogue between reporting issuers and their shareholders. Such dialogue is essential in order for issuers to hear and understand investor issues and concerns and to address such concerns. However, this two-way communication can only be fully effective if a mechanism exists for issuers to identify their shareholders.

To read the full submission and CIRI's position on each item, click here.

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