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November 06, 2018
If you are getting caught up on what you missed over the last several months, here's a recap of what CIRI delivered to members in Q3:
  • Published IR focus on IR budgets;
  • Published IR leader;
  • Published IR directions: Investor Days & Site Tours;
  • Published top IR stories in wIRed;
  • Published a Conference and Non-deal Roadshow infographic;
  • Published two CIRI advisors on Board reporting for mining issuers and on market and competitive intelligence;
  • Hosted five Chapter events;
  • Hosted the Essentials of IR in Vancouver; and
  • Hosted a free-to-member webinar on MiFID II.
During the quarter, we also made steady progress on our practical vision and two of our strategic imperatives – Marketing and Certification. On Marketing, we continue to develop resources for the IR community in order to raise awareness of CIRI and demonstrate the insight we provide to a broader audience. On Certification, we concluded the 2018 Program. The CPIR exam seating will take place in November. All of our strategic imperatives are aimed at advancing the practice and the stature of the IR profession while improving our collaboration across the organization to benefit our members.

There is more to come before year end.

You will be receiving your electronic renewal invoice in the next week. Please renew your membership to stay informed, current and connected.

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On October 19, we sent you an email on the CSA’s Proposed National Instrument: 52-112 Non-GAAP and Other Financial Measures Disclosure and Proposed Companion Policy 52-122: Non-GAAP and Other Measures Disclosure. The Proposed Instrument addresses CSA concerns around inconsistencies in issuer disclosure practices of non-GAAP financial measures and provides the CSA with a stronger tool for regulatory action if needed.

As mentioned in that email, CIRI is preparing a submission. To ensure we represent your views, please take a few minutes to complete the survey. Should you have a view on this topic, please also feel free to get in touch with Yvette Lokker to share your thoughts directly.

We encourage your organization to make a submission as well, as there is strength in numbers. The deadline for submissions is December 5, 2018.

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Top Stories

Canadian RI Trends Report 2018

The 2018 Canadian Responsible Investment Trends Report reveals that responsible investment (RI) is continuing to experience rapid growth in Canada.

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Managing the Narrative: Investor Relations Officers and Corporate Disclosure

Although investor relations officers (IROs) play an important role in managing corporate communications with important stakeholders and in helping their companies achieve an appropriate valuation, the academic literature on investor relations is only in its early stages.

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SEC Intensifies Focus on Non-GAAP Metrics

While the number of comment letters the commission sends to filers has waned drastically, the proportion of letters focused on non-GAAP metrics has shot up.

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How to Deal with Employees in Times of Crisis

Balancing openness and objectivity can be difficult in trying situations.

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BlackRock Stakes Claim on 'Sustainable Investing' Revolution

Fink forecasts such ETF assets will rise from $25bn to over $400bn in a decade.

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ISS Mounts Pressure on Board Gender Diversity: Proposes New Policy for 2020

Intensifying the pressure on all male boards of directors, yesterday ISS announced a proposed new voting policy on board gender diversity in the U.S.

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Governance for the New Generation of Crisis Management

Several crisis incidents from the last couple of years, such as the #MeToo movement and Weinstein-style harassment claims, privacy class actions arising from data intrusions of high profile companies such as Facebook, and a management-upending data breach at Target, illustrate a common theme - the ever-changing nature of the organizational crisis and the rising pressure for companies to respond swiftly.

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Crisis Communications: When To Talk To The Media

There really is nothing quite like the energy of the swarm of media chasing a big crisis news story - there’s pushing and shoving, tripods and trucks and people hustling with cameras and microphones. It's a high pressure, rapid response situation that forces you to think about many different areas: social media, lawsuits, news media, stakeholders, message approval and more.

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