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April 02, 2019

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CII Backs Quarterly Reporting, But Not Guidance

Historical performance information, not speculation, is useful to investors, group says.

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Asset Managers Applying Advanced Analytics to Investment Decision-making

Superior analytics will be key driver of success in future, highlights McKinsey.

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What Are Green Bonds and How 'Green' is Green?

Trillions of dollars of investment are needed to combat global warming. Enter green bonds, a way for issuers to raise money specifically for environmentally friendly projects - such as renewable energy or clean transport - and to be able to boast about it publicly.

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Sustainability Reporting - 20 Years On and More Relevant than Ever

As Global Reporting Initiative marks two decades since launching its first draft sustainability reporting guidelines, the organization has highlighted the significance of a growing demand for environmental, social and governance (ESG) data.

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The Activist Investor: A CFO's Unlikely Ally

Don't be caught by surprise - learn to view your company through the eyes of an activist investor.

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Impact Investing Goes Public

Growing awareness of social and environmental problems has laid the foundation for impact investing.

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