IR Leader
June 25, 2019

Summer's Here! Time to Catch Up on Your Reading!

Do you have a list of books and articles that you've been saving to read over the summer? Well don't forget to add IR leader and IR focus to the list! The article titles from the 2019 issues are listed below so you can add them to your 'summer reading' list. (Please note that these are member-only publications. You will need to be logged in to access them.)

IR focus Issue 1, 2019:  An Investor Relations Perspective on Share Buybacks
IR focus Issue 2, 2019:  How Do You Measure Success? An IRO's Guide to Objective Setting

IR leader Issue 1, 2019 Articles:
     Acing the Test: IROs Respond to ESG Questionnaires
     New Definition of 'Material' for Financial Reporting
     In 2019, Gender Diversity in the Boardroom is a Given
     Who Are Your Internal Stakeholders? Leading IROs Weigh In
     From ESG to GES: The Evolution of Sustainability Governance

IR leader Issue 2, 2019 Articles:
     Cannabis Companies: A Smoking Hot Opportunity for Canadian IROs?
     Business Acquisitions Guidance Impacts Issuers
     It Isn't the Wild West Anymore: Cannabis Companies Need to Play by the Rules
     Shifting Strategy: Perspectives of an IRO

The next issues of IR focus and IR leader will be published in late August and early September respectively.