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November 26, 2019

Investor relations is a valued corporate function, increasingly providing strategic insights to management and Boards 

CIRI’s 2019 Investor Relations Compensation and Responsibilities Survey results have just been released and the results demonstrated some interesting shifts in the profession. Some of the key survey findings include:

  • Investor relations is a valued corporate function
  • > Investor relations is recognized as a distinct corporate function, working in closer proximity to the CEO and CFO than ever before
  • IROs increase strategic value with management and Board
  • > IROs deliver strategic insights and counsel to management and the Board by contributing to the company's strategic plan ​
  • IR compensation is on the rise
  • > With expanded responsibilities comes enhanced compensation ​

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Here's a look at just some of the value CIRI provided in 2019:

  • 23 educational events across Canada on best practices, trends in IR and related areas;
  • one well-attended Annual Conference in Halifax with an 89% 'overall' and 100% 'would recommend' rating;
  • one sold-out Essentials of IR program with an 87% 'overall' and 95% 'would recommend' rating;
  • five free-to-member Chapter educational events;
  • two free-to-member webinars; and
  • 10 networking events bringing the IR community together, seven of which were free to members. 

Wait till you see what we have lined up for 2020!

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2020 Proxy Paper Guidelines

An overview of the Glass Lewis approach to proxy advice - CANADA

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OSC Issues Anticipated Report on the Burden Reduction Task Force

On November 19, 2019, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) issued its long-awaited Report on the work of the Burden Reduction Task Force (the Report), in which it outlined the work undertaken by the OSC and the Task Force, aimed at minimizing regulatory burdens and enhancing competitiveness (the Burden Reduction Initiative).

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Trust and Transparency: New Guidance from CSA Regarding Enhanced Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest in Cannabis M&A

Trust and transparency have been challenging in the cannabis industry: whether related to product trust and transparency or to public disclosure of conflicts of interest. And the need for trust and transparency has not gone unnoticed by securities regulators. In reviewing disclosure relating to M&A and other significant corporate transactions by cannabis issuers, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) suggested that there was inadequate transparency and disclosure of financial and other interests.

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ESG and Pay are Top Concerns Among Engaged Investors

Investors have mixed feelings about pay-for-performance metrics, according to new report.

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IROs Are Miffed With MiFID, Study Says

Half of IROs do not take a kindly view of the far-reaching European legislation.

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U.S. Changes Affecting Your Business: ISS and SEC Battle Over Appropriate Regulation of Proxy Advisory Firms

The appropriate level of regulation of Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) and other proxy advisory firms has been on the SEC's radar for several years. The debate has now led to ISS suing the SEC over the SEC's recently published interpretation of the application of federal proxy rules to ISS. Five days after ISS launched its lawsuit, the SEC published proposed rules that would impose substantially stricter regulations on proxy advisory firms.

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Investors Are Taking Money Out of Hedge Funds and Putting It in Private Equity

Even as allocators increase their investments in alternatives, hedge funds are losing out, according to a new study from EY.

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SEC Proposes New Disclosure and Engagement Requirements for Proxy Advisory Firms

Last week, the SEC voted (by a vote of three to two) to propose amendments to the proxy rules to add new disclosure and engagement requirements for proxy advisory firms, such as ISS and Glass Lewis.

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Canadian Securities Administrators to Conduct Review of Automatic Securities Disposition Plans

On October 24, 2019, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) announced that it is undertaking a review of Automatic Securities Disposition Plans (ASDPs). ASDPs allow company insiders to sell their company securities through a broker in accordance with predetermined instructions.

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SEC Proposes Amendments to Modernize Shareholder Proposal Rule

The Securities and Exchange Commission today voted to propose amendments to modernize the rule that governs the process for shareholder proposals to be included in a company's proxy statement.

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