IR Leader
January 21, 2020

Let Us Be Your Voice In 2020!

CIRI's Issues Committee is responsible for identifying and informing you - our members - of important issues and their impact on IR. In some cases, CIRI responds to regulators on proposed regulatory amendments and may even do so in consultation with other organizations, increasing awareness of an issue – benefitting you.

Now, we have an ask of you – it is time to renew your membership. To ensure your membership is not disrupted, please pay your invoice online. To do so, please visit and Sign In using your email address as your username. Select your name from the top right corner to access your profile. Click the Renew Now button on the left and you will be taken to your open 2020 invoice where you can complete the payment. Your payment is complete once you receive an email from CIRI with your order confirmation. Should you require assistance with this, please contact Lora Turner.