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June 23, 2020

Do you have a list of books and articles that you've been saving to read over the summer? Well don't forget to add IR leader and IR focus to the list! The article titles from the 2020 issues are listed below so you can add them to your summer reading list. (Please note that these are member-only publications. You will need to be logged in to access them.)

IR focus Issue 1, 2020:  Following Best Practices in Your Proxy Circular
IR focus Issue 2, 2020:  Debtholder Relations in a Pandemic: Are You Prepared for What Comes Next?

IR leader Issue 1, 2020 Articles:
     Can IROs Up Their Strategic Game with Technologies Like RPA?
     Climate-related Disclosures
     Trends, Hot Issues and New Disclosure Matters for the 2020 Proxy Season
     Plastics: Investment Implications in a Changing World
     What Dies Passive Investing Look Like to an IRO?

IR leader Issue 2, 2020 Articles:
     IR in the Time of the Pandemic
     COVID-19 and Financial Reporting
     Disclosure Obligations in Critical Times
     How the Pandemic May Be Accelerating the Shift to Sustainable Investing
     Lessons on Social Media in a Post-COVID World
     Blockchain and Digital Assets 101 for the IRO

The next issues of IR focus and IR leader will be published in late August and early September respectively.

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Top Stories

Inside Asset Management Sales' Most Intractable Problem

When – and how – will clients want to meet managers again?

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Why Earnings Guidance Matters

Giving guidance may be tedious, but it ultimately makes markets more efficient.

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How the Corporate Access Landscape Has Changed Since COVID-19

Experts discuss what Covid-19 means for the future of interactions between investors and issuers.

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Ten Lessons for Dealing With Investors in a Crisis

Mark Merson, founding partner of banking consultancy Veritum Partners, who was head of IR at Barclays during the financial crisis, offers the following advice on investor communications during a crisis.

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Institutional Investing in the Time of COVID-19

Tested by the pandemic, many of the world’s leading institutional investors are demonstrating resilience and agility.

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No Relief Required: New and Improved Canadian Rules for "At-The-Market" Equity Offerings

On June 4, 2020, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) published a notice of amendments (New ATM Rules) to National Instrument 44-102 Shelf Distributions and Companion Policy 44-102CP Shelf Distributions (collectively, the Shelf Rules).

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TSX Clarifies Mandatory Majority Voting for Director Elections and Makes Other Housekeeping Amendments to TSX Company Manual

Notice of housekeeping rule amendments to the TSX Company Manual.

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Companies Urged to Spell Out Their Purpose

New survey finds most respondents want corporate purpose aligned with UN SDGs.

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Environmental, Social and Governance Considerations and the Investor Perspective

Recent divestments by certain major global investment funds of their holdings in companies due to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns demonstrates the increasing importance of ESG as an investment criteria for all classes of investor.

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