IR Leader
July 20, 2021

CIRI Keeps You Up to Date on Regulatory Issues

CIRI is offering two issues-related webinars to review proposed regulatory changes. These free-to-member webinars will keep you current and provide you with an opportunity to voice your views directly to the regulators.

Webinar on Proposed Instrument 51-519: Promotional Activity Disclosure Requirements
On July 21, a representative from BCSC will provide an overview of the Proposed Instrument and how it could affect you. This Proposed Instrument would apply to issuers across Canada, not just those headquartered in British Columbia. To learn more about this issue and register for the event, click here.

Webinar on Proposed Changes to National Instrument 51-102: Continuous Disclosure Requirements + Proposed Framework fo Semi-Annual Reporting for Venture Issuers
On July 28, several representatives from the OSC will provide an overview of the proposed amendments and framework, address your questions and hear your views. To learn more about this issue and join this interactive event, click here to register.