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October 26, 2021

On September 29, CIRI announced its commitment to support the investor relations profession through the launch of a new website and a series of new or enhanced member benefits to be rolled out over the remainder of the year.

Delivering on its commitment, over the past few weeks, CIRI has provided members with the following new or enhanced benefits:
Watch for additional new and enhanced member benefits in the coming weeks.

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11 CFO Tips for Riding the Rising Tide in ESG Activism

CFOs eager to steer clear of shareholder activists should publicly embrace sustainability despite flaws in the measurement of best practices.

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Continuity Podcast - Spotlight on ESG Investments Increases Litigation Risk

Public issuers and investment funds are facing growing pressure from regulators, investors and other stakeholders to integrate ESG into their business and investment decisions. In this episode of the Continuity podcast, Partners Andrea Laing and Ryan Morris discuss litigation risks related to ESG disclosure and the role of regulators.

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Canadian Securities Regulators Seek Comment on Climate-Related Disclosure Requirements

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) today published for comment proposed climate-related disclosure requirements. The proposed requirements address the need for more consistent and comparable information to help inform investment decisions. They also demonstrate the CSA’s commitment in favour of the growing international movement toward mandatory climate-related disclosure standards.

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CSA to Mandate Issuers' Climate Change Disclosure

The proposals, which are largely in line with TCFD recommendations, won’t take effect before the end of 2022.

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TCFD Guidance on Metrics, Targets, and Transiton Plans

The Metrics, Targets, and Transition Plans guidance describes recent developments around climate-related metrics and users' increasing focus on information describing organizations' plans for transitioning to a low-carbon economy. The guidance also describes a set of cross-industry, climate-related metric categories that the Task Force believes all organizations can disclose.

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Financial Community Launches Climate Engagement Canada to Promote a Just Transition to a Net-Zero Economy

Today, a coalition of investor associations is pleased to announce the launch of Climate Engagement Canada (CEC) – a finance-led initiative that aims to drive dialogue between the financial community and Canadian corporations to promote a just transition to a net zero economy.

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2021 Diversity Disclosure Practices

The seventh annual comprehensive report on diversity disclosure practices in Canada, covering disclosure by TSX-listed companies and CBCA corporations subject to disclosure requirements. This report provides detailed disclosure on the representation of women in senior leadership positions at TSX-listed companies as well as the representation of women, members of visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities at publicly traded corporations governed by the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA). We also highlight disclosed best practices to improve diversity and inclusion and samples of excellence in disclosure.

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More Corporate Directors Welcome Rules to Boost Board Diversity, but Skepticism Still Rampant

Almost six in ten directors say diversity is driven by 'political correctness'.

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2021 Global Benchmark Policy Survey: Summary of Results

The survey is a part of ISS' annual global policy development process, and was open to all interested parties to solicit broad feedback on areas of potential policy change for 2022 and beyond.

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2021 Global Policy Survey - Climate

This survey is a part of ISS' annual global policy development process, and was open to all interested parties to solicit broad feedback on areas of potential ISS policy change for 2022 and beyond.

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