IR Leader
August 02, 2022

Add These Publications to Your Summer Reading List

Do you have a list of books and articles that you've been saving to read over the summer? Well don't forget to add IR leader and IR focus to the list! The article titles from the 2022 issues are listed below so you can pick and choose what is most relevant to you. (Please note that these are member-only publications. You will need to be logged in to access them.)

IR focus Volume 15 Issue 1, 2022:  Transformational Investor Relations in Spin-Offs, Split-Outs and Rationalizations
IR focus Volume 15 Issue 2, 2022:  Board Engagement: What It Means for IROs and How to Lean In

IR leader Volume 32 Issue 1, 2022 Articles:

  •      Will Human Capital Management Be the Next Hot Topic in Canada?
  •      ESG in the Financial Statements - What Companies Need to Think About
  •      Key Developments in Corporate Governance and Disclosure Requirements for the 2022 Proxy Season
  •      Resources, Reports and Events
  •      Advice from an Investor for IROs Grappling with ESG Reporting

IR leader Volume 32 Issue 2, 2022 Articles:

  •      Canadian IROs Discuss the Rise of the Retail Investor
  •      SEC and ISSB Propose Climate Reporting and Assurance Rules
  •      The ISSB Releases Drafts of Global Baseline Sustainability Disclosure Standards
  •      Focusing Disclosure on What Matters and Non-GAAP Considerations
  •      Energy Security versus Net Zero: A Worthwhile Debate

The next issues of IR focus and IR leader will be published in late August and early September respectively.