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August 16, 2022

Each year, CIRI’s Annual Conference brings together investor relations professionals from across Canada to stay up to date on IR best practices and emerging trends; learn from IR, governance and capital markets experts; network with peers; and stay informed on the IR tools and services available. 

As we are starting to plan next year’s Annual Conference Program, we are looking for enthusiastic corporate and consultant IROs with experience in various industries and market caps to help shape next year’s content. The Committee consists of two Co-chairs and five Committee members from across Canada. If you are a CIRI member and are interested in getting involved, please click here to provide your details.

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Join CIRI for this year's Essentials of IR program, delivered over two days in Toronto, ON on September 8 & 9.

Taught by seasoned IROs and subject-matter experts, this multi-day professional development program is designed to develop and expand your IR knowledge and expertise. Plus, you will build connections with IR peers and learn about services that can help you do your job more effectively.

The comprehensive program covers the core responsibilities of the IR function.

Ready to kickstart your IR career? Register today!

Not yet a CIRI member? Take advantage of the 2022 Essentials/Membership Bundle and save over $900!

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ESG Investing Isn’t Designed to Save the Planet

Most people assume that ESG Investing is designed to reward companies that are helping the planet. In fact, ESG ratings which underlie ESG fund selection are based on "single materiality" — the impact of the changing world on a company P&L, not the reverse. Asset management firms have been happy to let the confusion go uncorrected — ESG funds are highly popular and come with higher management fees. The danger with ESG investing is that it might convince policy makers that the market can solve major societal challenges such as climate change — when in fact only government intervention can help the planet avoid a climate catastrophe.

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Posthaste: Almost a Quarter of Canadians Changed Jobs Amid the 'Great Resignation'

24% of Canadian workers are new to their current role or position, survey says.

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Why It's So Hard For Companies To Get ESG Right

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in business management are complex, multi-dimensional and continuously evolving. So, it is not surprising that companies face challenges in understanding ESG, its potential impact on their businesses, and how best to integrate ESG with existing business needs.

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How Will ESG Impact Be Measured?

While a universal reporting standard does not yet exist, impact accounting attempts to put monetary values on ESG principles.

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ESG Gets Real - But Can Businesses Keep Up?

The debate about whether to focus on ESG and Sustainability is over. But while businesses talk a good game about urgency, their actions lag behind. Even five years from now, one-quarter of executives from the World’s Most Admired Companies and one-third of those from peer companies do not think their ESG (environmental, social and governance) models will be fully fine-tuned.

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