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September 27, 2022

Do you wonder how your role, responsibilities, department and budget compare to that of your peers? Today, you can find out with the release of Part 1 of CIRI's Investor Relations Compensation & Responsibilities Report, focused on IR responsibilities. 

Here are a few highlights from the report that underscore the importance of the role and the strategic value IROs provide to their companies:

  • Closer proximity to C-suite: Most IROs are working more closely with the company’s key decision makers. Over one-third report to the CEO while over half report to the CFO.
  • Delivering strategic value: Recognizing that IR is viewed as a strategic role, most IROs develop the IR strategy; three-quarters execute IR elements of their company strategy; and over half contribute to the company’s strategic plan.
  • Expanding responsibilities in ESG: Looking closely at ESG-related responsibilities, over half of IROs engage with investors on ESG/sustainability; half write/edit the company’s ESG/sustainability report; one-third complete ESG surveys; and over one-quarter develop the company’s ESG/sustainability strategy. 
  • Strong engagement with the Board: The strategic value IROs provide is further supported by their increased engagement with the Board. Most IROs prepare reports for the Board; over half present to the Board; and over three-quarters counsel executives and Boards on IR matters. 
  • Greater financial resources: To support this important function, the average 2022 IR budget has increased 6% since 2019 (excluding allocated overhead, but including compensation), despite the impact of the pandemic.

This 60-page report includes more data and insights for IROs at varying stages in their career and covers issuers with a range of market caps. To purchase your copy of CIRI’s 2022 Investor Relations Compensation & Responsibilities Report: Part 1 - Responsibilitiesclick here (Member price: $69; Non-member price: $99). Members, don’t forget to sign in to take advantage of your member pricing. If you completed the survey, be sure to check your email for your promo code to adjust the pricing. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 on IR compensation, coming out in October!

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