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October 11, 2022

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IR Compensation & Responsibilities Report - Part 1: IR Responsibilities answers questions around how your role, responsibilities, department and budget compares to that of your peers across the country. Part 1 of CIRI's IR Compensation & Responsibilities Report focuses on IR Responsibilities and provides details that underscores the importance and the strategic value IROs provide to their companies.

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ESG Reports: Dos & Don'ts was developed by CIRI's Issues Committee to provide insights on ESG processes and reporting for issuers at various stages of their ESG journey.

IR focus: IR in a Recession: Reacting Without Overreacting was published on August 23 and spoke to IROs who have gone through the downsides of the recession and lived to tell their stories. The goal is to give all practitioners advice and ideas on what to do when the bottom falls out of the economy (and the capital markets).

IR leader Issue 3 was published on September 19. This issue contains timely and relative articles, including:

  • How to Succeed in a New IR Position
  • Five Issues Keeping CFOs Awake in this Tumultuous Business Environment
  • Disclosure of Social Issues
  • Striving to Thrive in IR
  • The Politics of ESG: Noise or Changing Tides

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Top Stories

Five Reasons Bad News Is Not Always Bad News For Investors

Peter Hodson: This will help ensure you're not selling at the exact bottom of this market cycle.

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SPONSORED REPORT: Why You Should Add Infographics to Your Earnings Release

Announcing a company’s quarterly earnings is often stressful for investor relations teams. Not only do they need to ensure their quarterly news release is accurate, thorough, and CSA-compliant, it must also capture the attention of key stakeholders. Learn how visual elements can increase engagement with your earnings release and make it stand out among those who matter most.

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Having an ESG Strategy is Now a Competitive Business Advantage

Regulatory changes, political backlash, and a possible recession won’t stop companies from doggedly pursuing their environmental, social, and governance goals. That’s because while ESG goals might have originally been viewed as burdensome, many leaders now realize that making strides in this area will give them a competitive advantage. And ignoring these goals would be short sighted and could spell doom for modern companies.

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A Quarter of Canadians Want to Tap Out of the Stock Market

Expert not surprised at Canadian investors' dwindling faith in face of short-term losses.

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CPPIB Flexes Its Muscle in Board Rooms Around the World to Stem Climate Change

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board pushed 35 companies to improve climate-related disclosures and practices.

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How Sustainability Efforts Fall Apart

Sustainability has become the new corporate imperative. Companies have begun doing their homework, diligently setting up a number of initiatives. This is a good starting point, but too often, firms are unable to systematically scale these efforts to achieve a more transformative outcome.

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Capital Markets Wading Into Reconciliation Efforts

Indigenous-led economic strategy calls for mandatory disclosure.

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Are Misleading Sustainability Claims Fashionable? Regulators Don’t Think So

With consumers and investors demanding companies take sustainability seriously, you may be tempted to exaggerate just how sustainable your company really is. But as two major retailers recently found out, that approach could land you in some hot water.

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