IR Leader
October 10, 2023

Now Available to CIRI Members – IR focus – Dipping Your Toe or Taking the Plunge: How IROs Can Get Started with AI

Rapid economic changes and innovative technological advancements have seen the investor relations world pivot quickly to stay in touch. With digital communication channels becoming an integral part of investor relations, Artificial Intelligence tools are becoming popular, critiqued and leveraged by investor relations officers and finance industry experts. Exploring the potential of AI in IR opens a new world of opportunities, from marketing and data analytics to creative communications workflow and anything in between. The growing importance of AI in ‘modern’ investor relations calls for a deeper understanding of its use cases and its power when applied strategically.

To get a grasp of AI's connection to finance and investing, let's begin by exploring. Many IROs are using AI to help reach current and potential investors, streamline workflow and expand the IR lens. However, there are concerns and differing opinions about AI’s ethics and how it works. People are still figuring out how AI can improve investor relations practice.

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