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December 01, 2015
CIRI's Issues Committee actively monitors the regulatory landscape for issues that impact investor relations professionals. We are hosting semi-annual events in an effort to keep you current on regulatory issues and provide you with an opportunity to voice your opinions directly to various stakeholders.

Our second event this year is offered in partnership with the Toronto Stock Exchange. This event will cover proxy voting guidelines, hot topics for the upcoming proxy season and issuer-proxy advisory firm engagement. Our speakers include Debra Sisti, Executive Director, Head of Canadian Research, Institutional Shareholder Services and Zally Ahmadi, Manager, North America Proxy Research, Glass Lewis & Co. The speaker presentations will be followed by a moderated Q&A session.

This event will be held live in the TMX Gallery in Toronto, conducted in English and broadcast via video conference to TMX Group's Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver offices, as well as via webcast.

Event date:  Thursday, December 3, 2015

Click here for information on how to register.

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Average IR budgets are up 5% from 2012
IROs who present to their Board has risen 7% since 2012
According to CIRI’s recently published Investor Relations Compensation and Responsibilities Survey, almost two-thirds of respondents are engaged with the Board, while 82% have provided strategic counsel to management over the past year. With this expanded responsibility comes enhanced compensation, with over one-third of respondents earning at least $225,000 in total cash compensation, including 19% who earned $300,000 or more. The average total cash compensation for IROs is $188,500.

This representative sample is a cross-section of IROs from more than 60 issuers from different sectors, market caps, parts of the country, years of IR experience and educational background. It provides authoritative benchmark data on IRO compensation and benefits, the evolution of the IRO role and responsibilities, as well as corporate IR budgets and staffing in Canada.  

Find out:  
  • why investor relations is a valued corporate function;
  • why IR compensation is on the rise;
  • how IROs increase strategic influence;
  • and much more.
This survey is an invaluable resource to all investor relations professionals.

Click here to purchase your copy of CIRI’s IR Compensation and Responsibilities Survey.
Members:  $199
Non-members:  $299
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Top Stories

Private Placement Permitted by Take-over Target

Take-over targets can complete private placements where they have a genuine need for financing, said the British Columbia Securities Commission in its recent decision.

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2016 Proxy Season Developments

ISS Announces 2016 Policy Changes and Expected December Release of Proxy Access FAQs; Both ISS and Equilar/Glass Lewis Open Peer Submission Window.

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TSX Implements Rule Changes to Benefit Interlisted Issuers

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) has implemented amendments (Amendments) to its Company Manual to modify and expand the exemptions available to TSX issuers listed on one or more other exchanges (interlisted issuers) where the primary market is an exchange other than the TSX. The Amendments came into effect on September 10, 2015.

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Glass Lewis Issues 2016 US Proxy Policy Guidelines

Proxy advisory firm Glass Lewis recently issued its U.S. voting policy guidelines for the 2016 proxy season. The guidelines include a few key changes, a summary of which is outlined in this article.

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When (and Where) Activist Investing Goes Wrong

Research shows that investments by "highly politicized" sovereign wealth funds can be detrimental to company performance.

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Women, Minorities Making Gains on Canadian Corporate Boards: Report

The proportion of women on Canadian corporate boards took its largest leap ever in 2015 to almost 20 per cent, but Canada continues to slide behind globally as other major countries move even more quickly to embrace diversity.

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Dark Pools Would Have to Shed Light on Conflicts Under SEC Rule

Wall Street's private stock markets would have to reveal whether they favor any particular users including high-frequency traders under a proposal approved Wednesday by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Companies Improving Disclosure Effectiveness

Companies are taking steps on their own to make their financial reports and disclosures more understandable, according to a new report.

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Equity Crowdfunding Exemption Finalized

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and other participating jurisdictions have published Multilateral Instrument 45-108 Crowdfunding, which includes a prospectus exemption for equity crowdfunding and a registration framework for funding portals, in final form (the "45-108 Crowdfunding Regime"). Subject to ministerial approvals, the 45-108 Crowdfunding Regime will come into force in Ontario on January 25, 2016.

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