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November 12, 2019
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...CIRI published four issues of IR focus in 2019. IR focus, which provides a comprehensive framework for effectively addressing a single key topic or challenge, is one of the many resources CIRI provides to its members. The four topics covered in 2019 are:
  • Issue 1: An Investor Relations Perspective On Share Buybacks (published February 12, 2019)
  • Issue 2: How Do You Measure Success? An IRO's Guide to Objective Setting (published May 7, 2019)
  • Issue 3: How To Fashion An ESG Role For Your Investor Relations Team (published August 13, 2019)
  • Issue 4: Disclosure Committees: What IROs Need To Know (published November 5, 2019)
If you're a CIRI member and missed any of these issues of IR focus, click here to read it now.

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Top Stories

The SEC Thinks Its New Rules Would Improve Proxy Voting. CalSTRS’ Chris Ailman Thinks They Would Create the Next Enron.

The head of one of the largest American pension plans issued a strong rebuke to the SEC's proposal to regulate proxy advisory firms.

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SEC Proposes Amendments to the Proxy Rules Regarding Shareholder Proposals and Proxy Voting Advice

On November 5, 2019, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), by 3-2 votes, issued two releases proposing a number of amendments to the federal proxy rules. The first release proposed changes to certain procedural requirements relating to the submission of shareholder proposals and changes to the provision regarding the ability to exclude resubmitted proposals. The second release proposed amendments relating to the proxy voting advice business, particularly with respect to the exemptions from the proxy filing requirements for a proxy advisory firm's voting recommendations.

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How Investor Relations Has Changed - And Where It's Going

Backstage video at the IR Magazine Global Forum 2019.

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Torys Quarterly - Canadian Sector Report

In this issue of the Torys Quarterly, we turn our focus to sectors in Canada: what kind of deal activity are they experiencing, what marketplace and regulatory challenges are they facing - and what does it mean for Canadian business as we move toward 2020?

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Without Transparency Proxy Advisor Firms Extract from Public Companies

After organizing a robust discussion about the proxy process and proxy advisor firms, the Securities and Exchange Commission recently approved new guidance around the proxy voting process. Now the Commission is considering changes aimed at increasing scrutiny of the proxy advisory industry.

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Canadian Securities Regulators Announce Review of Automatic Securities Disposition Plans

On October 24, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) announced that it is undertaking a review of Automatic Securities Disposition Plans (ASDPs).

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Fears Over Digitalization Efforts Top Execs' Worry List

But executives should shore up issues involving products, productivity, and customer experience before deciding how to digitally transform, Gartner says.

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