2018 volume 28 issue 4

Issuers aim to present a clear picture of their financial performance to their stakeholders through quarterly and annual reporting. What a company discloses in its financial statements is governed by generally accepted accounting principles ("GAAP"); for most public companies in Canada, that is under International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS"). | Read Article |

More Than A Buzzword: The Reasons Shareholder Engagement Matters


Shareholder engagement is a relationship building process that provides an issuer with the opportunity to communicate with and understand how it is perceived by its shareholders. Benefits of engagement include the ability for the issuer to proactively address any dissatisfaction that otherwise could escalate into activist action and to discover innovative or creative business strategies that the issuer may not have considered. Shareholders in Canada are catching on to the global trend of increased engagement and they expect issuers to engage. An issuer that fails to prepare for shareholder engagement does so at its own risk. | Read Article |

Boldly Predicting the Future of IR


If you've been in the investor relations profession for several decades, what is often striking is how little has changed about the day-to-day practice. We prepare for quarterly earnings and we have investor and analyst calls. We run roadshows, conferences and investor days. We coach our executives, develop narratives and messages, and deliver investor feedback to our C-suite and Boards. We all know the routine well. Sure, there has been some evolution. We've added new technologies to the mix – there are IR apps and better investor tracking tools. But really, the essence of what we do, day in and day out, has remained remarkably consistent. I am starting to think, though, that the next few years will bring major changes to our profession and alter how IROs will add value. | Read Article |